What Web-Business tools we offer? & at what price?
Professional Graphic Web-Catalogues in HTML :
WITH: Free Graphic Concept from Designer, Unlimited Links, Free readymade & scanned graphics. Charge also include hosting, site address, maintenance, space rentals for one full year & promotion in 36 places.
Rs. 5000/page + Designers Graphics at Rs. 250/graphic + Rs. 4000/page from 2nd yr.
Interactive Navigation in DHTML, JavaScript, VBScript & Java: Rs. 1000/navigation
Multimedia Presentation on special real audio server. Audio/Video presentation design in DHTML, ACTIVE-X, Java & Shockwave. Rs. 2000/1 min. stream
Virtual Reality Presentation in VRML. Rs. 4000/3Dscene
Electronic Commerce Forms with Redirection to your email:
- Marketing : Inquiry, Order, Quotation, Guest Book, Search.
- Finance : Payments, Invoice, Statements, Accounts.
- Human Resource : Library, Application Form, Requirements.
- Customer Support: FAQ, Expert Systems, Add-a-link, Chat.
- Communication : Auto-responder, Webphone, Email, Voicemail.
- Distribution : NetCirulate, Netcasting, Usenet.
Depends on Application, Starting at Rs.1000/form
Web-Business Tools : An Electronic Store Front
Chat Rooms, Polling Booth, Bulletin Board, Add-a-link, Search Engine, Shopping Mall, Shopping Cart, Classifieds Manager, AdBanner Rotator, Quiz, Games, Exams, Booking, Quotations, Expert Systems, Web-bank, Netversities, Netcirculate, Netcasting, Client Database Engine, Server Database access, Password Protected Pages, SSL Secure Pages & Library.
Depends on Application, Starting at Rs. 5000/tool
Web-Finance Tools : An Electronic Payment Processing Systems
Password Protected SSL Secure Pages with secure credit card processing facility. All International finance and Bank formalities taken care off.
Rs. 1 lakh pa
Web-Office Design : Location independent, paperless, virtual office.
Put your office operations on Internet for worldwide access. A true Internet, Intranet & Extranet system with secure password protection.
Rs. 500 per user pa
Promotion: Registering and Advertising Websites :
- Free Personal Consultation & site evaluation with insider marketing tips.
- Hand optimised Registration in 100 search engines with meta tag.
- Hand picked placement with Links from Related Industry Index Pages.
- Publish brief "press release" announcements to tap media.
- Promote Internet address by printing on all correspondance.
- Design and launch attractive schemes to attract customers thru net.
- Keep an eye on business movement by customers, suppliers, competitors.
- Bulk Email service as signature attachements to your outgoing emails.
- Attractive Banner Advertisements on famous sites to attract people.
Rs. 5000/year
Address: Where will I get my Site address & Domain Name ?:

- Virtual Web Server with domain name, website & email forwarding: http://www.yourcompanyname.com is available at charge.
Rs. 7500 for Domain Registration fee for 2 years.




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